We change constantly, and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. But too often we are taught to fear it.

We declare things such as “don’t change me” or, “you either love me or hate me”, defining ourselves in black and white and giving our own self definitions and limitations. We put up walls and push back on the fear of losing ourselves. We are mistaken: we are never losing ourselves, and that change in perspective can help us deal better with an aspect of our lives that really and ultimately serves us well.

We should be constantly growing, shifting into better versions of ourselves. “If you knew better, you would do better” is a quote I have read quite some time ago and I believe it to be so true: we owe it to ourselves to let go of the things and ideas that keep us stuck and give permission to do so.

But change does not necessarily mean losing our traditions or moral compass. On the contrary, it is the natural flow of life and only by changing our attitudes towards it can we let ourselves evolve. In reality, change is there even in the most static times of our lives, when there seem to be no big events happening or big accomplishments to celebrate, even by just a change in our thoughts or knowledge. We just need to recognize and accept it as an inevitable part of this process called life.



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