Trouble is, we take our time for granted.

Tomorrow is not a promise. It’s just not. Either that inspires you or it scares you.

It’s the only certainty in life.

Wealth, money, things are certainly valuable. But our time is precious. Don’t squander it on social obligations you don’t care about. Don’t waste it on negative people who are only capable of throwing shade. Even better, if you don’t like someone, it’s ok to tell them you don’t, you’ll probably end up both saving much valuable time to spend on things you DO love and enjoy, or with people you really care about.

Tomorrow is not a promise, so take time to enjoy your today. Working your ass off without rest and play will just make your life miserable. Work to live, don’t live to work.

If you’re not happy or are feeling stuck, don’t wait for a favourable moment to take action. It might simply never come. Take the vision of your ideal life and try to blend it with the reality you’re living, and strive for it while keeping in mind that it’s the journey itself that’ll make the goal valuable. Maybe you’ll even get there and realize it wasn’t even what you were looking for in the first place, or maybe you’ll just change goals or perspective as you progress.

So just enjoy the now.
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Very dull, I might say.

Comparing, comparing, comparing

In this day and age, social media has a huge impact on our lives. So much so that more often than not when we’re thumbing down our feed we tend to forget that what we see isn’t reality.

Or at least, not all of it. We compare ourselves to others, and the effects are heartbreaking, especially if we’re already having the blues.

Comparing your crappy day with awesome parties,cocktails,tropical beaches and celebrities’ lives is awful, so we feed on the belief that other people have carefree lives and are so much better off than us, when what we see on social media is just but a tiny fraction of the puzzle.

You ‘ll be comparing your worst days with the highlights of someone’s life. You won’t see the struggles, the crying and burdens that each of us carry. No one is exempt from them, and nobody is supposed to.

Life doesn’t start at the end of the struggles. Life IS the struggle, and that’s just the beauty of it. So if you need to, turn off your social media. Whereas if you can handle the (fake) pressure of having to live the perfect life, stay tuned, but remember that the grass is greener on the other side because you really have no means of stomping on the neighbour’s grass to assest that, and you shouldn’t.

Your life will increase tenfold when you start worrying about your own lawn and spreading the seeds of love on every fellow human you encounter, instead of trying to emulate an already fake version of someone else.




Just call 0783.. just kidding.

Take some paper and pen and note down 5 things you  are grateful for. Or 10, 20, 50.

No really. Grab a pen and start writing things you know make you happy, whatever the are. It may sound cheesy and a bit obvious, but the truth is that happiness is a mindset and as such, you want to tune in to it and start thinking about happy things.

I know it’s just a temporary feeling and before you know it, you’ll be back wondering about the things that upset you.  But sooner or later, you will have to break the cycle. So take action, carve your gratefulness on the first blank sheets you encounter.

Happiness, by the way, isn’t meant to last long. But is it supposed to? Would it have the same meaning without pain and suffering, or would life be a big meaningless smile before the unknown engulfs us for eternity?

Truth is, it does not matter, really. What matters is the now, and if in this moment you are not feeling happy, you should start looking for the positive in your life.

People who aren’t happy with what they have can’t be happy with what they could have. A shift in focus is much needed if happiness is to be obtained, and it starts by appreciating what is around us, what we do have. Many find happiness in the pursuit itself of “more stuff” or a better life, but I am just content with all the things that happened, are happening, and embrace the future with all its downfalls and its silver linings.

What are you grateful for?