Let it go.

How many times do we find ourselves thinking about something that we regretted doing shortly after.
If we could only turn back time, how much would we change. How much would we crop out, filter, or just completely rewrite. Make it all perfect, or if not, bearable to remember. Letting go of the past is easier said than done, especially if something continues to haunt us from its blurred depths.
But it’s necessary. It’s necessary to reconcile, it’s necessary to forgive, it’s necessary to accept. Running away won’t do the trick. It will just make our past reshape itself and take space in our present. Or worse, it’ll disappear until it hits us straight in the face with the force of a freight train.
But reality is that it’s all imaginary. We should be armed and prepared, or these kind of thoughts will always come back. Nurturing the belief that the past can’t hurt us will help. Also because it really won’t in the end, just in the quantity you let it. What matters is the now, nothing else. The past or the future are just not there, assuming time is a real thing and we could talk about a straight line progressing relentlessly. If time is a construct, then it won’t really matter, as long as you decide so. Everything is in your power. Accept and let go.

6 thoughts on “Let it go.

  1. Time is a man-made construct. There only ever is the Now Moment. And what we have in it is that which we create with our thoughts 🙂 So think positive!
    Thank you Riccardo for the follow – I wish you and yours a New Year in which every day is a blessed, joyful and abundant Now Moment


  2. I agree with Soul Gifts. We should always strive to make our next thought, word, deed a tiny bit better[?] than the previous one but that is just a function of memory. Time is now and we should seize the moment. Carpe Diem. 🙂


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